Choosing your Crystals

How do I choose the best Crystal for me?

There are many ways to choose crystals. We select through sight, through intuition and even by asking our pendulum. Choosing by intention is also a very popular method.

Choosing by Intention

We begin by selecting a very clear intention and focusing on it in our minds.

What would we like a crystal to help us with?

The following intentions are just examples:

-I wish to boost my self-confidence.

-I want to remain calm, no matter what takes place in my life.

-I need to be able to concentrate on whatever it is I do (e.g. driving or studying).

-I need to soften my pain (in a specific part of the body).

-I want to meditate deeper.

-I want my heart to open (so I can love and be loved).

With our intention in mind, we can choose a crystal from the descriptions here at Crystal Yogi.

Having been programmed your crystal will keep your intention alive!

Choosing by Sight (through Intuition)

Our subconscious mind knows very well what we need and because of this we can choose just by looking at crystals.

Here at Crystal Yogi, we have created a series of photos to help you with this. In the first picture, you only see the crystals without any descriptions to influence you and in the second, each crystal is named.

You must choose bearing your intention in mind whilst focusing calmly at the first picture WITHOUT HAVING LOOKED at the names.

You will be amazed at the strength and wisdom of your subconscious mind!

Choosing Crystals for Others

If you are choosing a crystal for a family member, or a friend (even a colleague) and you do not wish to impose an intention of your choice, you can focus on the image of this person for a few seconds calmly. Be sure that the ‘connection’ between the two of you shall make the best subconscious choice!


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