Crystals and our Chakras

Chakras can be thought of as vortices that bring life force energy (or prana) into the body.

The seven largest chakras of our body form a column of energy centers in line with our spine. They begin from the base chakra at the bottom of our spine and lead to the corona chakra, a little above our heads.

Each chakra has an array of attributes, including an associated endocrine gland. For example, the throat chakra corresponds to our thyroid gland responsible for the way we express ourselves.

Our chakras are interconnected and when they are balanced their vortices are more or less the same in volume and speed. If, however one of them is out of tune or is blocked, that very part of our body will exhaust itself and will possibly get sick with the passing of time.

By keeping our chakras ‘clean’ and balanced we can have health and wellness.

Crystals are excellent companions in the cleansing and tuning of our chakras.

We have designed for you the following Crystal Kits:

*For maximum effect of our crystal kits, we suggest the use of a quartz point above the head chakra and a grounding stone (i.e. smoky quartz or tourmaline) between the legs.

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