• Porcelain dish with Carnelian Pebbles

    22.00  inc. VAT

    Ideal for placing crystals / crystal jewelry and cleansing.

    Program the  Carnelian pebbles to cleanse any jewel/crystal you place upon them.

  • Sunstone Candle

    30.00  inc. VAT

    Sexuality  Joy  Positivity

    Create a calm, protective and positive atmosphere in your space, using the properties of Sunstone. Contains a piece of Obsidian for the grounding of these properties.

  • Carnelian

    20.00  inc. VAT

    If you are feeling blockage (sexually or creatively) the warm energy of this crystal will energize you and bring vitality to your every day.

  • LARGE Citrine

    15.00  inc. VAT

    Abundance  Optimism  Joy -Teaches how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity. -Increases our self confidence. -Helps us find the joy within. -Enhances our concentration. -Stops anger. -Cleanses our chairs (mostly our solar plexus and naval chacra). -Helps heal CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). -Helps heal depression. Cleansing Citrine crystals do not require cleansing. They clean…

  • Pyrite

    15.00  inc. VAT

    Self Esteem  Abundance  Energy -Helps us overcome inaction and a sense of incompetency that we may experience. -Encourages a feeling of self worth, success and wealth. -Useful for business planning. -Shields from negative energy blocks negativity, -Helpful with sadness and despair. -Increases our energy levels and helps us overcome fatigue. -Very helpful with lung problems….

  • Flower Jasper

    10.00  inc. VAT

    Uplifting   Joy   Stamina -Provides phycological support when we are down. -Encourages to look for Joy in life. -Gives confidence and decisiveness. -Helps us identify new opportunities. -Cleanses and stabilizes our aura. -Provides stamina and endurance. -Strengthens and detoxes our circulatory system, our blood and liver. Cleansing Water, Salt, Mixture of herbs, Boiled Sage, Smudging (only…

  • Carnelian

    30.00  inc. VAT

    Carnelian: an elixir for your sex drive!

    If you feel blocked creatively or sexually, this crystal with its warm energy wi revive you.

  • Sunstone

    17.00  inc. VAT

    Φορεστε τον Ηλιο και καλέστε τη χαρά της ζωής μέσα σας!

  • Pyrite

    45.00  inc. VAT

    Self Esteem Abundance Energy

  • Pyrite

    25.00  inc. VAT

    Self Esteem  Abundance  Energy

  • Carnelian

    30.00  inc. VAT

    Fertility   Vitality   Sensuality

  • Tiger Eye (Large)

    9.00  inc. VAT

    Strength   Courage   Grounding

  • crystal kit for parents

    The Parental Kit

    35.00  inc. VAT

    Its no easy job, being a parent…

    This is why we have chosen the most appropriate crystals to support you.

    Program them one by one (with the intension set by the kit) or all together.

    Keep them close and enjoy your family life!

  • Carnelian Necklace

    120.00  inc. VAT

    89cm gold filled silver necklace with a 2 inch extension. Carnelian sculpted stone.

  • Carnelian Bracelet

    25.00  inc. VAT

    Elastic Bracelet with Carnelian Beads.

  • Tiger Eye

    Mens Bracelet with Tiger Eye

    25.00  inc. VAT

    Elastic Bracelet with Tiger Eye Beads.