Pink Quartz Candle

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Love Tranquility Cleansing

Create an atmosphere filled with love and peace in your space, using the properties of Pink Quartz. Contains a piece of Obsidian for the grounding of these properties.

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200 (aprox) grams of 100% natural soy candle with the incredible aroma of Sandalwood.

Contains multiple pieces of and one piece of Obsidian.

Cleansing: Place salt on top of the glass for 12-24 hours. Dispose of the salt and rinse the top.

You can program your crystals holding the glass into your hands. (Press here for info.)

50 hours of burning.

Tip: Allow the wax at the edges to melt before putting out.

2-3 hours suggested burning time.

After you have consumed the wax, you can boil the crystals in water so all wax residue is removed. This way, you may reprogram and reuse your crystals.


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